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ZippyTuff Waggle Ball

ZippyTuff Waggle Ball Deze bal maakt een onweerstaanbaar geluid als ermee gero ZippyTuff Waggle Ball ZippyPaws' new Waggle Ball makes an irresistible noise when rolled! The unique faceting on the ball makes it roll in various directions to keep your dog interested. Ball does not squeak. Size: 9 x 9 cm RRP: € 10,95 ld wordt. Piept niet. Formaat: 9 x 9cm Adviesverkoopprijs: € 10,95

ZippyTuff Waggle Ball Jumbo

ZippyTuff Waggle Ball Jumbo Just like our classic ZippyTuff Waggle Ball, but bigger and noisier! Designed with serious chewers in mind, the Waggle Ball Jumbo is made for chompin'! The Waggle Ball Jumbo features the same unique faceted design that makes its roll unpredictable and features an improved noisemaker that makes more noise than before. Made with durable ZippyTuff TPR material, this toy is built for hours of fetching fun! Size: 11 x 11 cm RRP: € 15,95

ZippyTuff – Waggle Ball RopeTugz

ZippyTuff - Waggle Ball RopeTugz We’ve taken our beloved Waggle Ball and combined it with durable climbing rope to create the ultimate Waggle Ball RopeTugz® that’s perfect for hours of fetch and tug play with tough chewers. Constructed using durable ZippyTuff TPR and sturdy climbing rope this toy is built to stand up to tough play. There is no noisemaker in the Waggle Ball for this version, but you can remove the rope and use the very durable ball for fetch. So, basically you get a 2-in-1 toy for the price of one! Size: 48 x 7,5 cm RRP: € 11,50