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Camping Pups – Camp Hound

Camping Pups - Camp Hound Size: 30 x 14 x 7,5 cm RRP: € 12,65

Camping Pups – Kayak

Camping Pups - Kayak Size: 27 x 11 x 10 cm RRP: € 15,55

Camping Pups – Camping Avocado

Camping Pups - Camping Avocado

Size: 21,5 x 14 x 21,5 cm

RRP: € 10,35

Camping Pups – Campfire

Camping Pups - Campfire Celebrate the end of summer with HugSmart campfire dog toy. With crazy crinkle and one squeaker, the toy will surely get your dog’s tail wagging. If your pup rips apart the campfire, they will find a surprise bonus sausage inside. Features:
  •  Hidden surprise sausage inside.
  •  Loaded with squeaker and crinkle paper.
  •  Great for all kinds of interactive fun.
Size: 20 x 18 x 10cm RRP: €12,65

Camping Pups – S’more

Camping Pups - S'more Warning: S’more lovers only! The extra crinkly cracker with a squeaky marshmallow delivers a delicious taste and fluffy texture that dogs love. With the detachable hook and look fastener, your dog can tear S’more apart for more fireside fun. Features:
  • Super crinkly and Squeaky.
  • Fuzzy fastener parts for tearing fun.
  • Perfect for an interactive game of fetch.
Size: 10 x 8 cm RRP: € 12,65

Camping Pups – Corn

Camping Pups - Corn The corn features all your pup’s favorite features: fuzzy fur, tons of crinkle and squeaky sound. One full-body tube squeaker inside makes the toy a perfect fetching toy. The toy has a hook and loop closure and is great for hiding treats. Features:
  • Loaded with crinkle and a tube squeaker.
  • Perfect for hiding treats inside the corn.
  • Great for interactive play or quiet cuddles.
Size: 21 x 8cm RRP: € 10,35