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Beach Daze – Barkin’ Beach

Beach Daze - Barkin' Beach Ready for summer fun? The Barkin' Beach collection includes a pink flamingo, a sunscreen bottle, and a sunny smile toy. Each has a squeaker inside for extra fun. These toys are great for small to medium dogs who love to play. Bring the beach vibes home for your furry friend! Features:
  • Three-pack dog toys for small to medium dogs.
  • Each toy contains one squeaker for engaged play.
  • Perfect size for playing and carrying around.
Size: 13 x 7 x 3 cm RRP: € 11,95

Beach Daze – Seaside Oyster

Beach Daze - Seaside Oyster Set sail for fun with our Seaside Oyster rope toy. The toy features a sturdy rope toy attached to two oysters and a lemon toy, each packed with a squeaker for non-stop excitement. Perfect for fetch, tug-of-war, or any interactive play that strengthens the bond with your pal. Features:
  • The cotton rope goes through three plush toys for added excitement.
  • One squeaker in each toy keeps the dog active.
  • Perfect for a variety of interactive games.
Size: 49 x 12 x 5 cm RRP: € 11,95

Beach Daze – Summer Avocado

Beach Daze - Summer Avocado Size: 21,5 x 14 x 21,5 cm RRP: € 10,35

Beach Daze – Beach Party

Beach Daze - Beach Party Size: 23 x 14 x 4 cm RRP: € 12,65

Beach Daze – Beach Sign

Beach Daze - Beach Sign Welcome to the beach! The sign–shaped dog toy features a large tube squeaker with a cotton rope on the top so your pup can get extra fun. Durable plush fabric will provide hours of entertainment for you and your pup. Feel the summer vibes with the beach sign from HugSmart! Features:
  • Beach-themed dog toy for dogs of all sizes.
  • Features one tube squeaker inside the body.
  • Beach Cotton rope entices tugging & chewing fun.
Size: 30 x 18cm RRP: € 12,65

Beach Daze – Slippers

Beach Daze - Slippers The Beach Daze slippers are the perfect gift for your slipper destroyer. Made from durable plush fabric, this dog toy features colorful print patterns and a cotton rope for instinct-satisfying tugging action. Plus, the toy contains two classic squeakers and crazy crinkle paper, offering hours of sensory stimulation. Features:
  • Cotton rope entices tugging & chewing fun.
  • Features two built-in squeakers and crinkle paper.
  • Designed to provide long-lasting interactive play.
Size:20 x 7,5 cm RRP: € 12,65

Beach Daze – Drift Bottle

Beach Daze - Drift Bottle WARNING: Don’t Not Open This Bottle. You will surely have a great time tossing this toy with your pup at the beach. Made with a tube squeaker and packed with soft fluff, Drift Bottle is a perfect toy for dog who likes to cuddle and fetch. Features:
  • Beach-themed toy for dogs of all sizes.
  • Features one tube squeaker inside the body.
  • Bottle-shaped design for indoor and outdoor play.
Size: 23 x 11cm RRP: € 9,10